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Scars, Tats & Piercings

November 17, 2016
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

World Money Gallery 41 Montrose Brooklyn, NY 11206

Martie McNabb

Scars, Tats & Piercings

Show & Tell or Look & Listen! Everyone & Every Thing WELCOME!

An evening of sharing skin stories.  There’s no winning or losing here, no pressure to share. no need to rehearse, just show some skin & tell its tale in 3min or less. Baring skin & soul.

Many humans are physically changed. Some by conscious design (to commemorate that new found love; to forget that painful break-up; to show the world allegiance to an author, a musician, a way of thinking; as a reminder of living). Some by run-in with an accident or mistake (like that time with the situation with that car window) or an illness. And some by a need to just change.

With these changes come stories. Come share a life story etched into skin! In addition to participating, audience members are, of course, welcome to simply come to look & listen.

Every Thing Has a Story

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