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Tails, Paws, Beaks & Claws

December 15, 2015
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Soda Bar, 629 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

Badass Animal Rescue

Tails, Paws, Beaks & Claws

Bring your photos, cards, letters, poems, leashes, collars, bowls & ashes and share the story of your loved ones with tails, paws, beaks & claws.

Sometimes our beloved pets bring us more joy than the humans in our lives, particularly, dogs that are very in sync with human emotions.

So please join Show & Tale’s fundraiser for Badass Animal Rescue and bring an object that reflects your relationship with an animal, living or one who has passed over the rainbow bridge. Everyone is welcome to show & tell with a 3 min limit. No clap-a-meter, no need to prepare, no pressure to share.

Do you have a photo of a family cat that your kids named “Q-Tip” because it was jet black with a white tail? Did your husband buy a puppy when your daughter turned 1 year and you took a piece of paper and stuck the puppy’s paw, and the baby’s hand, in ink and made an imprint? Did you save a cassette tape of your grandmother’s parakeet talking during Thanksgiving dinner?

Show & Tale would love you to attend and also support the important work that Badass Animal Rescue is doing to save animals. Buy your tickets ASAP; we are expecting a big turn-out for this special event!

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