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My Favorite Thing (ASL edition)

November 17, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Branded Saloon 603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Martie McNabb, Coralia Jimenez & Thomas Graziano

My Favorite Thing (ASL edition)

Show & Tell or Look & Listen! Every Thing & Everyone welcome!

ASL only (No voice interpretation)

“My Favorite Things” is an iconic song for many reasons; our Favorite Thing is oftentimes, the most revealing of who we really are.

Do you have a photo you always use for #TBT? Or the one from your first date? or day on the job? What about a class photo or the one from your high school or college graduation?

Did you keep your first business card? Or that napkin with the scribbled notes from the bar where your dreams were first conceived? Do you have a favorite spoon(s), mug, pen, or pair of boots? Do you have a “lucky” piece of clothing you wear on VIP days only? Have you kept cards, letters and thank you notes that you read, over and over, because they inspire you to persevere and keep going? Or do you have a favorite recipe you make when you’re feeling down or want to celebrate?

Aprons, clothing, kitchen gadgets, photos, paintings, jewelry, tools. . . ASL users are welcome to share their stories about their Favorite Thing. Every Thing has a story!

Show & Tale is like Antiques Roadshow meets The Moth, or your favorite Pinterest board come to life!

Remember you don’t have to show and tell. . .you can just look and “listen”; observers (and those with no ASL training) are welcome to join us.


Every Thing Has a Story

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