Doesn’t every object have a story?

These are the words that sprung through my mind in the fall of 2011. I was sitting in the audience of a storytelling event in Brooklyn. The rules were as follows: One theme. Five minutes. No props or notes.

Something was missing.

What about all those photos–those documents and memorabilia and objects that tell a story?

You see, I’ve always been haunted by the life stories that get stuck in boxes, bags, suitcases or worse–get surrendered to flea markets, destroyed in natural disasters or thrown away because it’s just too overwhelming to deal with all those things.

I’m a visual storyteller and at that event in 2011, I wanted to see the things people were describing–the beautifully handwritten love letters, the faded photos and the cherished objects. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Six months later I added that missing link–that tactile experience–and Show & Tale was born at Branded Saloon in the spring of 2012 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. By the spring of 2013 Show & Tale found a home in two other Manhattan locations. The rest, as they say, is history…

At Thingtide Show & Tale, people who spend much of their day communicating by email, text or phone find a place to connect face to face. We share stories and show the things that matter most in our lives. Some stories are funny; some bring tears to our eyes. All are unique, personal and yet familiar to us all.

I am so happy to say that Thingtide Show & Tale is expanding throughout the U.S. and worldwide, offering more and more people this wonderful way to connect through memory and storytelling. Please, join us at one of our events soon. I look forward to meeting you there!

Martie McNabb